We are specialized in providing flexible, reliable and secure server and network infrastructure especially for small and middle-scale enterprises. Invoca is name to our powerful framework, fully developed in Java with active development since 1997.

All those years of experience have proven this it as a valid framework, ready to win the market challenges of tomorrow.

Business API

Business code is actively maintained for an active retail business, ready to change for challenges of today and tomorrow!

Core Development

The framework still grows and adapts to new market technologies, as there is always room for improvement!

Web Development

We actively do web development for the webshops directly linked to our system

System Management

Stability and high availability are a big part of our core work! Of course with inhouse network hosting and administration


We work on several domains, from lower physical infrastructure to high level fully integrated framework.

We add interfaces to external sources to free our users from the boring repetitive stuff and constantly adapt to new circumstances.

Working close with our users for every support case provides the opportunity to improve both the processes and usability.

We work directly on the framework API and provide extremely short deployment times, with features (and fixes) released daily.

We provide the frontend features, empowering the user and making it easier to use our software by using new technologies.

We work on web applications, in a fully integrated environment, offering muliple working online retail stores.

Websites, web application, banners, newsletters are just examples of the design tasks we work on.

Meet our Team

Our team is constantly growing, understanding the needs of the market and adapting to new technologies.
We are currently around 10 developers in our team, all working remotely; to maintain such a big system great discipline and the ability to teamwork are required!


We are hiring! Check out the following job applications and click on 'Apply Now' to get more information!
Are you really appasionate for software engineering and there is no job listing matching your position? Send us your application anyway, we always conside emerging markets!

Junior Developer

Jobs for graduation fresh engineers

Business API developer
  • required knowledge of Java
  • being independent
  • learn real world business modeling
  • learn advanced java features
  • Work remotely, in teamwork
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Senior Developer

For experienced Java developers

Core Java developer
  • excellent knowledge of Java and foundations
  • being independent
  • take responsability of projects/features
  • available for business and backend development
  • Work remotely, in teamwork
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Web Developer

For experienced web/frontend developers

Frontend developer
  • work on a full retail web store
  • required basic knowledge of Java
  • various degrees of creative freedom
  • optional knowledge of Tapestry
  • Work remotely, in teamwork
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Contact Info

Whe're here to help and answer any questions you might have about Invoca. We look forward to hearing from you!

You may send us your job application, or any other inquiry, by email.

  • Address

    Hauptstrasse 92a, 4422 Arisdorf, Switzerland

  • Phone

    +41 41 910 41 34

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Our Location

Pin pointing a single location is not easy, as our team works remotely from around the world! Our company headquarter is located in the middle of nice Swiss hills.