Java Database Migration Framework (DatabaseDuplicator)

A short description

The Java Database Migration Framework is a 'Iter-Database-Duplicator'-Toolkit to copy the complete metadata as well as the complete content (each row of each table) to another destination. Source-database and target-database can be different databases and can run on different hosts.

Supported Metadata-Elements

  • Tables and their Columns
  • Domaintypes (centralised definition of Datatypes)
  • Foreign Keys (used for referential integrity)
  • Constraints for columns and domains
  • Defaults for columns and domains
  • Primary Keys
  • Indexes
  • Views
Not supported are:
  • Triggers and Database-Procedures
  • Database-Users and permissions


In order to be able to support a variety of database-types (a JDBC-driver is always needed), the toolkit has an extensible design. While table-, column- and foreignkey-definitions are supported by the JDBC-interfaces, domaintypes, views and indexes need a database- specific extension that can be configured for each database-type.


If your are interested in this toolkit you may contact us via email. Additional information will be available soon. Thanks for any feedback, comments and proposals!

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